One position each of following categories of Fellowships upto two years duration is offered in strategic and security fields to Indian citizens:

ONE SENIOR FELLOW: Should be a scholar of eminence, with published works of high quality, research experience of 10 years and/or expert with policy / operational experience
Of at least 15 years.
Scale Rs.14, 300-450-22,400 plus allowances.

ONE RESEARCH FELLOW: Should be a scholar with published work of high quality of M/Phil level with minimum 5 years research experience and/or expert with policy/research of 10 years.
Scale Rs. 12, 000-375-18, 000 plus allowances.

ONE ASSOCIATE FELLOW: Should have minimum research experience of 3 years and some published work or appropriate practical operational experience.
Scale Rs. 8, 000-275-13, 500 plus allowances.

 Application on plain paper must reach the Director on or before 15th March, 2001 along  with a clearly defined project proposal of approximately 1, 000 words, a write up indicating  the scholarís expertise and aptitude for under-taking  it, and CV including details of published work. Last 5 years published work should be shown separately. Applications to be recommended by parent organisation where applicable. The theme of the research project may be proposed by the applicant or could be selected from the following themes:

1. Indiaís security and defence
2. Public information and national security
3. Nuclear doctrine and strategy for India
4. Transnational terrorism and implications for Indiaís security
5. Chinaís economic, security, foreign and domestic policies in the coming decades
6. Pakistanís economic security, foreign and domestic policy in the coming decade
7. Chinaís border/territorial disputes and their resolutions
8. The emerging security and foreign policies of the Unites States
9. Politico-strategic developments in West Asia and Central Asia in the years ahead